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Sex Toy Industry Pays for Billions Spent on Unwed Mothers

Posted April 18, 2008

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A recent study commissioned by pro-marriage groups suggested
that single mothers were costing taxpayers $112 billion annually.
Other economists have revealed that revenue from sales from vibrators,
massagers, and other sexual aides pump billions more into the economy,
and offset any costs for services provided to single mothers.
Convincing these single mothers to marry would lead in a sharp
decrease in tax revenue from sex toy sales.

Economist Dan Steely from San Francisco State provided the numbers
for this study, which was sponsored by the Onan Institution, a think tank sponsored by a coalition of sex toy vendors. “It’s clear that the economic benefits of single mothers, whose
vibrator consumption is easily 2-3 times greater than their married counterparts, suggests that an uptick in marriages could have disastrous effects on the economy.”
Other economists were skeptical of Steely’s results, but he used a simple method. “Sex toy sales were $500 million in 2001. 500 is much bigger than 112,” he reasoned. Major media outlets have accepted his

The so-called “garter belt”, which includes the coastal cities from Seattle to Portland and San Francisco, has the largest per capita market penetration of sex toys. These cities’ swelling coffers easily defray costs of single moms. San Francisco has been able to expand its welfare to single moms, and has co-sponsored “Dildo Day” with sex shop Good Vibrations. New welfare programs include free day care and Cadillac trade-ins.

According to Steely, State governments of the south, which prohibit sex toy sales, are losing potential tax revenue, and face a greater criminal element, as organized crime runs the unregulated trade for sex toys, known informally as the big black dildo market. “It’s truly a call to action for legislators,” said Dr. Steely. “It’s really worth exploring how the government can get more women to explore themselves.”

(pictured above is the Lelo golden vibrator, $1500)



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