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It's Sleestak Vs SPECTRE In PA Primary

Posted August 3, 2009

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Sleestak has officially declared its intention to mount a primary challenge against Arlen SPECTRE (SPecial Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion) in the race for the Pennsylvania Senate.

SPECTRE currently leads in the polls, and Sleestak

is the underdog in the race, especially with the Democratic establishment having pledged its support to SPECTRE.

It doesn't help that Sleestak's sole method of communication is through a hissing sound, and has been known to attempt to capture and sacrifice humans at any opportunity. SPECTRE also has an advantage because of the large criminal syndicate behind him, as well as his mutant suffocating jowls.

It should be noted that this particular matchup is the first of two pop culture figures known exclusively to adult males between 35-39 who stayed up watching the Bond/Land of the Lost Marathon that one time in college.



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