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Democratic Congressman Wins Foot In Mouth Contest

Posted November 11, 2006

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A three short days after winning the majority in the US House of Representatives, Congressman Charles Rangel (D-NY) is proud to be the first Democrat to wedge his foot in his mouth, giving Americans plenty to doubt about the new Congress they have elected.

In a tribute to Americans across the political spectrum, Congressman Rangel angered the people of Mississippi by asking 'why the hell would anyone live there'. His office is proud that he is the first to break the mood of optimistic celebration that has gripped so much of Washington D.C. after the historic midterm elections.

The congressman has apologized with the following statement: "I misspoke when I said I couldn't understand why anyone would want to live in Mississippi. Americans believe in diversity, and Mississippi provides a place for meth-smoking preachers to marry their cousins."

The Democratic Leadership is pleased with the recent insult. "Two days is a long time to talk about bipartisanship and cooperation," said Howard Dean. "I was planning to break the mood with my Bush is a Lying Ass speech, but it seems Congressman Rangel has beat me to the punch.

"Democrats have to prove that we haven't changed," said Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY). "While we were the minority party, we were a group of rarefied elitists, and we plan to act accordingly now that we have the majority."

For those readers who aren't familiar, Mississippi is a state, between Green Acres and Hells Half Acre, that is partly bordered by the river of the same name. According to a Democratic fact sheet, the inhabitants of the state are barely literate inbred farmers who would rather watch football than debate the merits of Dosteivsky's The Idiot.



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