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What Not To Mix With Sunscreen

Posted June 18, 2007

It's been revealed that the much-loved, practical sunscreen/bug repellent cocktail is a dangerous combination. Apparently, chemicals in the sunscreen make it more likely for your body to absorb DEET. Here are some other unsafe sunscreen combos:

Sunscreen/Sweet Baby Ray's Bone Suckin' Sauce
It protects you from the sun AND gives your skin that savory mesquite flavor. It was pulled off the shelves after a disastrous cannibalism episode in the South Pacific.

Sunscreen/Suntan Lotion
Why lug two bottles to the beach? This combination makes no change in your skin color, except that the word "sucker" becomes emblazoned on your forehead.

Was recalled because it caused body hair to grow back then immediately catch on fire.

Gatorade SPF 30 Sunscreen
It quenches thirst, replaces essential minerals and coats your intestines to protect them from UV rays. Medical note: if your intestines are exposed to sunlight you probably have bigger problems than sunburns.

While giving your hair a natural healthy sheen, the conditioner negates the sunblock to give your skin a healthy, crispy char.

Sunscreen /Mayonnaise
This popular product was recalled because it was high in trans fats.



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