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Fireworks Recall FAQ

Posted July 4, 2007

Several fireworks companies have recalled their products because of potential hazards. This handy FAQ will help you determine if you should seek a refund.

Is this kind of like recalling a boat because you happened to get splashed while using it?

Which fireworks pose a threat?
Any which involve fuses and explosions.

Doesn't that cover all of them?
Pretty much.

What about those black capsules that look like deer scat that expand into turd snakes after you light them on fire?
As lame as they are they aren't covered by the recall.

How Many M-80's does it take to blow up a mailbox?
Only one (exploded mailboxes aren't covered by the recall).

This friend of mine has a cousin who blew off his finger because he was holding a firecracker and didn't put it down quick enough.
That's not a question.

Wouldn't it be totally sick to put like 10 M-80's into a mailbox?

I have a lit roman candle in my hand but I can't quite make out the serial number.
Did it blow your arm off?

Since your arm and the serial number have been incinerated there's no way we can tell if it should have been covered by the recall.

What does your mailbox look like?
I'm not telling.



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