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Writers Strike Cripples Pornography Industry

Posted January 2, 2008

Part II in our ongoing coverage of the WGA strike. Read Part I.

Although the impact of the WGA strike has been especially noticed in the late night talk shows and awards ceremonies, the adult film industry has been similarly devastated by the lack of writing talent on which it so thoroughly depends.

That's right the porn industry has practically shuttered, since without writers, adult filmmakers have not figured out transitions, story arcs and segues to get their actors "busy".

"It's sort of embarrassing," said Lacy Lane, who has starred in leading roles in blue films such as Sausage Man, Pizza Boy, Pizza Delivery Pool Party, and Sausage Man 2. "I look forward to working with writers to develop my character. It's not like I'm just going to start doing it as soon as the delivery boy shows up with the pizza. We need to talk, establish a rapport. No one is going to believe that I'll take my clothes off just because the guy has a pizza. I'm not really sure of my motivation."

Writers are also responsible for the witty banter between the actors that takes during the sex acts and which has helped make pornography so popular.

"We put out five hundred movies a year," said Slim Cummins, director, actor, editor, and distributor of adult entertainment. "I can't be responsible to come up with that many titles. I've already released Sorority Island episodes 1-14. We need fresh titles before people realize they've been watching the same thing over and over."

Cummins recently released the film Butts Butts Butts, and has been toying with names for the sequel, out this summer. "I guess I'll have to go with Butts Butts Butts Butts."

The writer shortage has also made work difficult for unscripted reality shows. "I was going to call Courtney a conceited bitch," said Taila, a contestant in Real World: Beirut. The director didn't want me to be so forward, and asked for a synonym for 'conceited bitch', and I'm all, 'what's a synonym?'"



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