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Google CEO Searches Obama + Me + Cabinet Position

Posted October 21, 2008 reports that Google CEO Eric Schmidt is out on the hustings* for Barack Obama. But why?

The Obama campaign has suggested that it plans for a cabinet-level Chief Technology Officer, and Salon suggests that Schmidt is angling for the job.

Schmidt's support for Obama is vital to lock up the state of Northern California, which, in addition to not being a state, favors Obama by only 700 percentage points. And the appointment could help Google as well...

"Given Google's prominence as the preeminent all-around tech company that everyone is trying to beat (or join), it stands to reason that the company would favor a tech-savvy administration."

A Tech Czar would be a great step in addressing issues like bot nets, cyberterrorism and how I can get the scanner to work on my printer.

Read the rest in Indecision 2008.



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