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Canada Completely Unprepared for Arrival of Angry Democrats

Posted November 4, 2008

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I'm reporting from Nanaimo, British Columbia, where I've preemptively defected in case Obama doesn't win the election. It's a sleepy little seaside town, and there is absolutely no sign that the Canadian government is prepared for the massive influx of immigrants who will begin arriving tomorrow should the election somehow go awry. As many as 55 million American Democrats could flock here.

This report comes from the Pacific Biological Station, for reasons I cannot divulge, and I have a clear look at the harbor, or should I say harbour. It's peaceful, unguarded. There are Coast Guard ships but not nearly enough to stop the Freedom Yachts that are ready to embark from Seattle should Obama not make it to 270.

A view of the Vancouver International Airport

At the airport I went through Customs without a problem. You'd think the officials would have had training spotting a Democrat (I even greeted him with a zesty 'bonjour' but he didn't notice). I've spoken to several British Columbians while on my travel, and not a single one could point to any additional training or drills to describe what to do in case Obama loses. Do the Canadians know something I don't? Or is this always how they deal with natural disasters?

I believe that should Obama win, Mexico is a possible destination for disaffected Republicans, but many would be turned off by moving to a place with so many potential illegal immigrants.



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