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International Laundry Symbols

Posted August 18, 2006

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Tumble Dry, Normal, No Heat.
It's time to pluck your eyebrows.
Disembodied hands are in the water supply.
Do Not Wash, you smelly, French freak.
You may exchange this garment to pay for a parking ticket.
sin / cos = tan / 1
Landing Pad for the Mothership.
The Volcano God is satisfied with his laundry.
Two virgins are required for sacrifice.
You have angered the Volcano God.
Your television is levitating. The acid has definitely kicked in.
Do Not Dry - this garment should be kept constantly wet. If it dries, it may catch fire while you wear it.
It's time to write your great aunt that thank-you note.
Your prison sentence is halfway over.
My passion for you has waned.
It would be an excellent day to fly a kite.
Since you have not returned this garment to the original owner, your friendship is over.
An iron has fallen from the sky and crushed a bunny.
There is no fucking explanation for this.



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