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From Pandemonium to Powell's - Minneapolis and Fargo

Posted May 22, 2009

Introduction: From Pandemonium to Powell's: the Tour d'Store

Day I: Pandemonium Books and Games - Cambridge MA

Day II: Buffalo and Ann Arbor

Day III: Lansing and Chicago

Billings, MT
I crossed the Mississippi River, the Continental Divide and the Missouri River. The passage into the Mountain time zone reminds me that I'm in the West. I have driven 1100 miles in the last two days, and incredibly, this country is big enough that I still have another 1000+ miles to go. On the plus side, I stopped at the Theodore Roosevelt National Park, in North Dakota, and saw some wild bison. They're like cows with a personal trainer!

Magers and Quinn
Minneapolis, MN

The Uptown location has been around for 15 years.

There is none.

Best Section

It appears that the Great Hipster Epidemic can no longer be contained, as it has spread from Brooklyn and San Francisco and made it all the way to Uptown Minneapolis. There is no hope. I'm glad I've been wearing my mask and goggles.

North Dakota State University Bookstore
Fargo, ND

It's been around almost as long as the university itself. They're recently expanded, and will open a new 5000 square foot location in downtown Fargo.

Bison, Bison, Bison!!!

Best Section
Textbooks, natch

Walking around Fargo was just weird. The people were friendly enough to make this New York boy very nervous. There was a while there when I thought I might be in Canada and almost asked if my American dollars would work at the coffee shop in the Student Union. I mean, sure, I've met friendly people all around the country but North Dakota brought it to a new level.
Fun fact: at the downtown Fargo theater there is a wood carving of Marge (Frances McDormand) from the Coen Brothers film "Fargo." According to legend, people still travel to the Minnesota/North Dakota border area searching for money hidden in the snow.



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