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Them's Fightin' Words (Willamette Week story)

Posted September 6, 2011

G. Xavier Robillard: Ro-beast.
Scott Poole: Poetor The Destroyer 7th Prince King of the Free Versians.
Fiona McCann: Me Hoop McCann.
Cheryl Strayed: Vavoom, after the character in the old Felix the Cat cartoons who shattered everything by simply bellowing his own name.

How are you preparing yourself for battle?

Robillard: Whenever I'm stressed for any reason, my body's immune system goes on the offensive and attacks itself. The morning after I was invited to participate in this LDM my mouth was rotten with canker soars. Like a minefield. Now I'm nursing a sore shoulder, lockjaw, and hope to slip into a brief but restorative coma before the bout.
Also, I'm polishing my skull scar.

Read the entire interview in the Willamette Week



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