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Protesting High Gas Prices

Posted May 29, 2007

On Memorial Day, Id like to take a moment to profile a brave American Mr. Harvey Pollack.

The Wisconsin man closed his gas station to boycott higher fuel prices. This modern day Patrick Henry, in the face of ever increasing gas costs, has done the unthinkable in taking on capitalism all by himself. Showing the ingenuity and derring-do of George Washington's Christmas attack for the battle of New Jersey, he's shut down his Mobil station, because he refuses to profit from their profit.

Enter the Hero! This man isn't lobbying Congress or fighting overseas. You won't see him take the easy way out and cycling to work. He's personally increasing demand by limiting supply ... thus boldly increasing gas prices.

Mr. Pollack has done something bold and patriotic, and in all likelihood increased customer loyalty. Too bad his customers will have to get gas somewhere else. But he's inspired me to think about my own gas consumption.

This intrepid Paul Revere has the gas and oil industry quaking in their boots. You can tell the protest has had a rippling effect throughout the business world, and these Goliath companies have responded to our David's slingshot by doing absolutely nothing.

He's inspired me to change my driving habits. If I hadn't switched to self serve I wouldn't be able to afford to gas up the limo. From now on, I'll scour the country for the cheapest gas prices, and most often, those bargains are to be found in Wyoming. It's 2000 miles away, but totally worth it. I'm just hoping that the stations there aren't closed in protest too.

But once I fill up, I file my own protest against BP and Exxon. I never pay for the coffee. It's disgusting and undrinkable, but I'm too sensitive toward the environment to pour it into the ground, and plus I think the reason ants are so small is they drink a lot of coffee and it stunts their growth.

Change will come slowly but one cup of greasy mudwater at a time the gas cartel will feel the pinch of stolen coffee, and they'll be forced to lower their prices, even in the face of skyrocketing demand, geopolitical instability and shrinking supply. If that doesnt work, Ill flush the key to the restroom down the toilet.



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