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Congressional Recall

Posted August 19, 2007

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission announces the recall for the United States Congress because of structural failure. Consumers should not attempt to use these products because of the threat of collapse. There are also issues with corrupted pieces and leaks. Although some customers complain that the product moves so slowly it appears to go backwards, this is by design.

Retailers: The Congress can be bought and sold at various lobbies in Washington, as well as foreign governments.

Injuries: There have been occasional reports of ocular whiplash resulting from people rolling their eyes.

There are two models involved in the recall: the Unites States Senate (100) pieces and the House of Representatives (a 435-piece set). The product has had inconsistencies and breakdowns since its introduction. At times it stops working altogether. Industry insiders hoped that the 2006 model would be different, but it has been plagued by the same shoddy execution.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission stresses that you must not attempt to use the Congress. Keep it far away from small children, as individual pieces have been found with screws loose that may constitute a choking hazard.

The vendor, Constitution R Us, will not accept any returns, and any money spent on the Congress will not be refunded.

Additional Notes:
Some copies of the Congress have been exported to foreign countries. Although these models rarely function, they pose little threat to the buyer.



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