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The Nuclear Option

Posted May 23, 2005

Ladies and gentlemen, there's been a lot of talk about the "Nuclear Option" in the US Senate. The topic has oozed out of a bog of rumor and innuendo, stinking of back room deals and last-minute compromise. According to various news sources, it looks like the US Senate is prepared to test nuclear weapons. This is untenable. Capitol Hill must be invaded, and these illegal nuclear weapons destroyed, for the sake of all freedom-loving nations.

The senators claim that "The Nuclear Option" is only a phrase, a means to remove the filibuster of judicial nominees, but we know better. It is a threat. The Constitution provides checks and balances, but if the Senate possesses atomic weaponry, which will invariably be aimed at the President and the House of Representatives, that balance of power will be lost. These barely democratic leaders, elected once every six years, will become an oligarchy the Centumvirate. Such a world would be a horror, with endless debate, and life would feel like the bastard offspring of CSPAN and Meet The Press.

The Senate was designed by our Founders to protect the rights of the minority. Those rights will dissipate when the party in power has The Bomb. It is likely that after a lengthy struggle, one Senator might rise above all the rest, demolish the last pretense of democratic tradition, and declare himself emperor. When this last happened, it took the whining verve of a young farm boy called Luke Skywalker to restore order.

Our country must know where the Senators obtained these weapons. Was it Pakistan? Or the Supreme Court? At least seventy-two percent of Americans are against the Senate having the bomb. That the Senate was able to smuggle plutonium into Washington suggests a lapse in our defenses. They lied to our faces when they claimed the Senate reactor was constructed for peaceful purposes. The CIA is responsible for missing this major threat, one mentioned in the talk shows and the blogs on an hourly basis.

The Nuclear Nonproliferation treaty was signed by the US government and ratified by that very same body which is now in flagrant violation of one of its key precepts. Not only should we worry about the dread power of a nuclear-armed Senate, but of the spread of this technology to other federal departments. What if Fanny Mae should go nuclear? If you are uncertain of the danger of well-armed government, look no further than the Post Office. How can we sleep at night knowing that the Secretary of Agriculture has his finger on the button?

Call your senator. Make sure he or she knows that the "Nuclear Option" will lead to UN sanctions, invasion, and a lengthy occupation. The US Army outnumbers the Senate by ten thousand to one. The members of the upper house cannot win, and should end their villainous,naked aggression against the citizens of this nation. There will be no further discussion, and if they believe that nukes are a bargaining chip, they should know that the United States does not negotiate with Senators.



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