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Bloggers Root Out Liberal Crossword Editor

Posted February 15, 2007

Conservative bloggers are proud to have scalp of the New York Times' liberal crossword editor, who has resigned under a firestorm of accusations of bias.

Bloggers were tipped off earlier this week, reported Warpig, on his daily journal RoveRage. "The final straw was the other day - I noticed that the Monday puzzle asked for a nine letter word for a 'multi-term 20th century president'. Instinctively I tried 'RonReagan', but to my disgust, the correct answer was 'Roosevelt'. I posted to everyone I know."

"He claimed innocence," sneered blogger LibSniper, "But I did some deep background research - Google mostly - it turns out this guy does a Sunday quiz show for NPR, that bastion of Bolshevism. Pretty soon my permalink was crossposted on FreedomFighter, AlHaigReturns, and Turn Me Into A Newt. After a massive email campaign to the Times' public editor (even that job title sounds Pinko), I knew that guy had to resign.

The crossword editor, a mild-mannered English teacher, commented only to say that he's leaving his post to spend more time with family.

"Every step we take to cleanse liberal bias out of the MSM is a huge victory," posted DonkeyHound. "It's shocking how this guy was operating under the radar."

Liberal bloggers DailyDonkey, Blogonaut, and GOPCop all promise their day in the sun. "Just yesterday, I noticed some serious slant in the reportage at Fox News," warned GOPCop. "It's not much to work on, but if I can convince the rest of my compatriots to cooperate, I'm sure the Unfair and Unbalanced network will beg Michael Moore to do a counterpoint. :P

Although pleased with their victory, conservative bloggers claim their work has just begun. "Classifieds seem to skew towards foreign cars," complained LibSniper. "And don't get me started on the Personals".



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