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Free Comic Book Day Contest!!!

Posted May 2, 2009

6 comments posted. Read them now.

In honor of today, Saturday May 2, Free Comic Book Day, I'm giving away a signed copy of "Captain Freedom," which I will ship to your home, office, yurt or evil lair.

I realize, spoil-sport, that Captain Freedom is a regular novel, not a comic book. But we'll call it a non-graphic graphic novel. If you don't know about Captain Freedom you may read a sample, listen to a podcasted chapter or watch the author (me) bumble through a reading.

In the comments below, or if you must, via Twitter (I'm @gxrobillard), list your favorite, most awesome, most nerdgasmic, obscure piece of comics trivia that you can think of.

We all know that Wolverine's claws are made of adamantium. That will not dazzle me. But did you know that to evade censorship rules in the 1970s, Marvel Comics had to refer to "zombies" as "zuvembies"? I did not make this up.

NOTE: because of spammers I moderate the comments, so it'll take a little time before your comments to show up, but that doesn't mean they aren't there. I will be the sole prosecutor, judge and executioner of this contest.

Also you have to give me at least some easy way to contact you - carrier pigeon is fine.

Enter as many times as you want. Dazzle me, and Happy Free Comic Book day!

Contest ends Monday, May 4th or whenever I think there are enough legit entries.



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