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Media Still to Blame For Iraq War Difficulties

Posted April 4, 2006

Part II in a three part story on the anniversary of the Iraq War. Read part I

Mosul, Iraq
The stillness of a black night, untainted by any electricity use, is shattered by occasional gunfire and rocket-propelled grenades. A battalion of US troops and their Iraqi counterparts are pinned down in the center of the city. Their chain of command has shattered and it does not look like they will be able to escape any time soon. Their enemies aren't Shi'ite militias, or Al Qaeda terrorists, or former Baathists. They are kept in check by the pitiless coordinated assaults of the media.

Reporter Chip Reid enjoys blowing things up

This was the one scenario never war-gamed by the Pentagon: that a hundred-plus thousand troops would be defeated by a group of battle-hardened newsmen, seemingly unable to leave the Palestine Hotel because of security concerns. But that hasn't stopped them from mounting successful incursions in the dead of night, making the Tet Offensive look like a birthday party. The media have experience with bombs, kidnappings, and psy-ops.

Nobody witnesses their offence. Their subterfuge is so effective, they blow up pipelines and shut down schools while the world thinks they're asleep after interviewing the Minister of Garbage Collection. But the media own this country, and if Iraq disintegrates into civil war, as the media has predicted it will, one can be sure of the victor in this struggle.

Vice President Cheney has all but admitted defeat in the War Against Error. "The Iraqi leadership have met every political target and timeline set for them. There's been enormous progress, but the people back home don't know that because of the media."

Not only have these cunning reporters been able to headlock the troops, but they have engaged in seditious sabotage of the global communication systems, so that any good news broadcast from Iraq is immediately converted into images of car bombs and insurgent strongholds. Unfortunately, journalists are well hidden in sanctuaries where the US government dare not flush them out: terrorist bastions such as the New York Times, CNN, and National Public Radio.

"The media is desperate," said the Vice President. "You're hearing the death rattle of their struggle against us. We're making inroads defeating the media, and hope to have total victory soon."



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