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American Drivers Discover Extra Seats in Cars

Posted May 8, 2006

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It has taken that can-do pioneering spirit that has made the United States famous to find a novel solution to the $3/gallon gas crisis. In a true testament to American ingenuity, Americans have discovered that the extra seats in their cars may be used to transport additional passengers to shared destinations.

These 'Freedom Seats', as they're being called, may help Americans lower their gasoline bills, and reduce our nation's dependency on foreign oil. Although this technology has been available for some time, its utility has only recently been tested. There is potential to copyright this innovation and sell it to other nations.

Like so many famous Eureka moments, the auto's additional seats were revealed by accident. "My twenty-four ounce drink of Dr. Pepper fell from my lap and under my seat," said Boise software engineer Silas Evans, who immediately filed for a patent. "I pulled over to the shoulder to find the beverage, and it turns out that there were additional seating units right behind the driver's seat. After a few calculations, I realized that I could use these seats to share the drive with a co-worker who lives in the same condo complex." News spread quickly following a report in Popular Mechanics. Drivers have been elated to learn that even the smallest cars have room for more than one person, although it should be pointed out that only one person can drive at a time in these vehicular configurations.

"Turns out my car has three extra seats that I can fill with drivers," said Naomi Dickens, a suburban mom from Syracuse, NY. "I always thought those seats were there in case the driver's seat needed to be replaced."

"The use of additional seats within cars is a critical breakthrough. It's the 21st century's equivalent of Cold Fusion," said Undersecretary for Boutique Transportation Winfred Barber.

Congress has acted quickly to respond to the news, passing legislation to provide tax breaks to the largest automobiles, such as vans, SUV's, and limousines, since they hold the potential to carry the largest numbers of passengers. In the same law, bicycles and motorcycles have been penalized due to their one-seated natures.

Not everyone is equally impressed by this good fortune. These additional seats are an untested resource, scientists say. Experts in seat exploration would like to study these regions to understand their actual carrying capacity.



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