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Fun Search Strings that Brought People to All Day Coffee

Posted December 1, 2006

Updated November 2006

I hope these people have found what their looking for.

  • beekeeping humor
  • serial killer generator NB: Should I report this to the authorities?
  • if you don't elect christians your legislating sin
  • greg ball electronicsNB: Always wanted to upgrade my acoustic greg ball to an electric
  • normal hot chicks NB: do you want normal or hot? Make up your mind?
  • 2006 world cup crotch scenes
  • company policy regarding coffee breaks and dress code
  • bare midriff NB: trust me, you don't want to see that
  • shoes draped over power lines
  • agricultural humor NB: that pretty much sums up all I write
  • make a car smell like coffee
  • anti-chicken
  • hedwig delivering mail to harry
  • lindsay lohan paris hilton phone conversation NB: who do they think I am?
  • valerie plame floozy
  • head blows up
  • zombie handbook
  • best cheap blazer suit jacket
  • dress in drag fundraising
  • employee halitosis
  • mannequin skywalker hayden
  • man-eating toilet
  • screaming assholes (band)
  • hottie g NB: I'll say!
  • what to name your pet
  • nobody likes winner
  • angry yoda
  • zombie and finland
  • drilling through corian
  • non-dairy creamer
  • stupid useless sociology degree
  • worried that my sociology degree will be useless
  • coffee death
  • pustules on hand
  • patagonia swot
  • polymers humor medical
  • satire of diseases
  • what is non dairy creamer
  • what hand dose the wedding ring go on for the mexican
  • burn marks on hand disease
  • dating your boss disadvantages
  • espresso tamper new york city store
  • hot and now olive burger
  • left hand itching is a sign of what
  • small is tall starbucks
  • mrs. plum



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