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Introducing the Inflatable Democrat

Posted August 28, 2006

According to, 'When confronted with a choice between generic Democratic and Republican candidates for Congress, poll respondents are consistently picking the Democrat by double-digit margins.'

But when an actual candidate steps into the race, they almost always lose. RubberMade Industries has the solution: the Inflatable Democrat. There are a dozen models to choose from: veteran, fisherman, retired police officer, former minister and more!
Unnamed inflatable Democrat hits the campaign trail.

Full of hot air, this guy's no dummy!

Republicans claim he has 'no backbone', but they're running scared. Crowds gather in every town for the Inflatable Democrat's public appearances.

Inflatable Democrat is guaranteed against gaffs, infidelity, flip-flops, and carefully nuanced positions on the Iraq War his lips are sealed.

Our newest model, Blowup Bob, comes with pre-calloused hands, and is polling well in Louisiana, Montana, even Alaska!

"We're very proud of our Unnamed Democrat," said Pleno county Democractic party chair Tricia MacDougal. "He's been in Congress two years now and he still doesn't have a voting record."

Don't be disappointed by a weak Democratic challenger - Order Yours Today!

NOTE: there has been a recall on Inflatable Democrat model #184329a, nicknamed Joe Lieberman. This model is unstable, and may cause electoral distress. If you purchased this model, please deflate it and return it, in its original packaging, to RubberMade Industries for a full refund.



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