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DIY Resignation Letter

Posted May 21, 2007

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Because of a series of misconceptions, misunderstandings, and misdemeanors, sometimes you are forced to resign from a position.

, I, will tender my resignation as . Although I feel I have not completed my mission to , the mounting pressures from the forces me to leave at this critical juncture, as I cannot effectively.

Hopefully you'll appreciate my candor as I lay out the facts surrounding my resignation in this carefully negotiated, vetted and edited resignation letter. It should be clear from the rest of this letter that .

Although some of my wild-eyed detractors claim that I (list scandalous behavior), it is my belief that I acted with the best interests of . Any untoward actions, which I vehemently disavow, were enacted because of pressures from .

Furthermore it is my understanding that this resignation came about because of a calculated smear effort, due not to my at , but rather because of my planning and prosecution of .

To wit: nobody has any specific evidence of me . The reason that no evidence exists is either because I didn't do what was claimed, or my former employer is totally incompetent. To understand my real endeavors during my employ, rather than the pack of wild greasy lies compiled by my enemies, please refer to the following.

List of Accomplishments, Disasters, Shopping

In short, it is obvious who owns this failureship: .

For my next job I will . Since you people are forcing me to quit I do expect a letter of recommendation.




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