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W is for...

Posted August 8, 2005

Columnist Robert Novak claimed that anyone could have learned the identity of CIA operative Valerie Plame just by reading Who's Who in America. We at All Day Coffee would like to speculate on what that page might have looked like.

Our forty-third and best president. Son of 41st president (who incidentally served only one term). Has invaded Iraq, a much bigger country that Panama, which was invaded by his father.

Wilson, Joseph
Former Ambassador to Gabon and São Tomé and Príncipe under President George H. W. Bush. These are very small, unimportant countries. Critical of Bush Administration's case for invasion of Iraq. Sought to discredit claim of 'yellow cake' uranium purchase by Saddam Hussain in Niger. Hates America.

Wilson, Valerie
Married To Wilson, Joe. Employer: CIA. She is a spy. This is common knowledge, obvious to anyone. If you were to mention this fact, in say, a syndicated column, it would be no worse than outing Vice President Dick Cheney's daughter on a nationally televised debate. Mrs. Wilson also goes by Valerie Plame. Sent her husband, Joseph Wilson (see 'Weasel') to exotic Niger, on a fabulous all-expenses-paid junket financed by you, the taxpayer, to evaluate dancing girls and tropical drinks.

Wilson, Woodrow
28th president of the United States. Cross-dresser.

Woman, Wonder
Super-heroine. Fights evil in that very idealistic way that might indicate a liberal streak. Secret Identity: Diana Prince

Wonkette, The
A floozy; twenty-something blogger, who confuses her booze-ridden web postings with actual journalism.

One of the greatest states in our Union; second only to Texas.



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