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Stuffy Author Writes Self-Congratulatory Article to Celebrate Website Anniversary

Posted November 8, 2005

An amateur humor writer celebrates his first anniversary online with a self-referential, satiric news article. Writer G. Xavier Robillard, with apparently little to say, turns inward, using his own personal life in an embarrassing attempt to meet a self-imposed weekly deadline, which presents the writing style and grammar of someone being chased by angry, roosting pheasants.

Asked why he continues with such a limited audience: "It's the feedback," says Robillard, huddled over a computer keyboard somewhere in the Pacific Northwest, "those three, sometimes even four emails I get after an article, often to correct my speilling, they really keep me going."

To mark the event, the head author, publisher, contributing editor and editorial intern considers a celebratory cosmopolitan at a hip night spot, but admits that's a pipe dream: "I have to get home and put my son to bed," says Robillard, "so I'll probably celebrate by reading back issues of the X-men comics."

Not even his editor can stay awake.

Despite all hopes in the media community, there is no indication that All Day Coffee will be cancelled any time soon. Mr. Al Adai Kofi, owner of the web site, sees no reason to terminate Mr. Robillard's contract. "If it weren't for All Day Coffee, we'd only be left with a thousand or so high quality satirical web sites. Everyone should own their own pundit," Mr. Kofi recommends. "I'll renew his contract for another year and see what happens."



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